Alanya Effect in WTM

The Wtm World Tourism Market Fair implemented between 12th and 15th of November ended lat week.

“Cafe Alanya” in Germany

The name "Cafe Alanya" is put to a cafe near a pool in Gladbeck Municipality which is a sistercity of Alanya Municipality.

Alanya in DRV

The 57th of German Tour Operators and Travel Agencies General Assembly Meeting was done in Belek Xanadu Hotel.

Stone Sculpture Semposium Continues.

International Sculpture Symposium which is started by the sign of Alanya Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu continues.

The Tourism Revenues Increased

According to the research done by Turkish Statistical Instıtute,it is declared that the tourism revenues increased compared to the last year.

Alanya Castle is in Tempo Magazine

Tempo magazine gave a wide place to Alanya Castle in their last periodical.

Local Banana Promotion

Alanya Banana Producers Union and Alanya Municipality came together and put some banana sales points for promoting local banana all around the world.

Poland Tourism Fair Ended.

Tour Salon-Poznan Tourism Fair which was between 24th-27th of October ended.

4th of Alanya Stone Sculpture Semposium

The 4th of International Alanya Stone Sculpture Semposium is going to be between 1st of November and 30th of November

Triathlon Ended..

The 17th of international Triathlon finished.Russian Malshev from the men and Ukrainen Yelistratova from women became first in the championship.