Alanya is going to be in Norway Fair

Alanya is going to participate to Oslo-Reiseliv fair between the 10th and 13rd of January 2008.

Turkish World Music Group Concert is in Alanya

Turkish World Music Group which performes within the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Fine Arts general Managership is going to give a free concert on the 28th of...

Vakantiebeurs 2008 is between 8 th and 13th of January.

vakantiebeurs 2008 which is implemented in Utrecht(Holland) is going to be done between 8th and 13th of january this year.

Fraternal City Support to Alanya Promotion

The football team of Poland-wodzislaw in first league is coming to Alanya for the 5th time.

The Number of Tourists exceeded 7.5 Millions

The number of tourists comin to Alanya exceeded 7.5 Millions

Alanya showed an interest in Chamber Orkestra

Alanya Chamber Orchestra which was implemented on the 7th of December in Alanya Cultural center faced with a intensive interest of Alanya

Alanya Chamber Orchestra is going to give its First Concert

The cultural activities in Alanya are everlasting

The Number of Tourists reached to 7.5 Millions

It is announced that the numbe of tourists came to Antalya by airplane reached to 7.5 Millions.

Alanya Promotion is in everywhere

Alanya Promotion is done in the Anatolia Stone and Marble Technology Fair in the previous days.

Alanya Chamber Orchestra Concerts Begin.

Alanya is experiencing new cultural organizations everyday.Alanya Chamber Orchestra Concert is on 7th of December.