Alanya was located on the land of a little peninsula, on the north of whose there lied Toros Mt. and on the south there was Mediterranean Sea.


Alanya is located on 36°33' northern latitude and 31.01° eastern meridian. It's acreage measures 2.085 km².

Daily Life

The Turkish Republic is a secular and democratic state of law, which was founded in 1923, under leadership of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

How to Go

Alanya, 120 kilometers away from its province's center(Antalya), has all the advantages of having Mediterranean shores. It is possible to go Alanya through air, land and...

Alanya for Handicapped

(Turkish) 2003 Yılında Alanya Belediyesi tarafından başlatılan ‘HERKES İÇİN ALANYA’ projesiyle, toplumun çoğunluğunu oluşturan engelli, yaşlı,...