• Beaches

    Coast of Alanya extending about 100 km. is famous with its natural beaches.
  • Daily Life

    Has also drawn attention with the sister cities it has on Europe.
  • Geography

    There is a typical Meditarrenean climate over Alanya.
  • Museums

    Generally open to public service during all weekdays and may be visited.
  • Night Life

    Sunset in Alanya gives a piece of good news that the nightlife begins.
  • Outdoor and Sports

    The first thing that comes to mind is the Triathlon Race

Sector News

Genel Haberler



What would you like to eat in Alanya? Let us remind you: it is not possible to find such...

Silk House and Culture House

You may get information about silk farming and weaving, while testifying various items...

Ship and Shipping Museum

(Turkish) Alanya Kalesinin liman bölgesinde Kızılkule ve Tersane arasında kalan...

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