• Beaches

    Coast of Alanya extending about 100 km. is famous with its natural beaches.
  • Daily Life

    Has also drawn attention with the sister cities it has on Europe.
  • Geography

    There is a typical Meditarrenean climate over Alanya.
  • Museums

    Generally open to public service during all weekdays and may be visited.
  • Night Life

    Sunset in Alanya gives a piece of good news that the nightlife begins.
  • Outdoor and Sports

    The first thing that comes to mind is the Triathlon Race

Sector News

Genel Haberler



Alanya was located on the land of a little peninsula, on the north of whose there lied...

Historical Places

Alanya is a heaven for those who adores historical sites with its still-standing after...

Ship and Shipping Museum

(Turkish) Alanya Kalesinin liman bölgesinde Kızılkule ve Tersane arasında kalan...

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