The Members of SKAL in Alanya

The SKAL group which is consisted of the people in tourism Sector will be in Alanya for a day.

(EN) Altid Haber Ekim 2007

(Turkish) Aylık dergi

Tourism Trainings of Alanya chamber of Commerce Started

The Trainings which aim to train more qualified workers and increase the service quality in the tourism sector is started by Alanya Chamber of Commerce

(EN) Altid Haber Eylül 2007

(Turkish) Aylık dergi

Number of Tourists reached to 6 Million

It is announced that the number of the tourist who came to Antalya by airplane reached to 6 million.

Alanya Promotion in Partner City Schwechat

There will be "Turkish Week" in Schwechat between 20th and 22nd of September.Alanya and Schwechat Municipalities will work together and make some attractions during the...


Alanya Jazz Days which is organized by Alanya Municipality is going to be between 6th and 9th of September this year.

sailing of Israel Ships to Alanya Harbour Continues

Israel ships are continuing to sail to Alanya.The 64 thousands of passengers in 5 months is registered.

Special Tourism Guide for the taxi drivers

The special tourism guides for the taxi drivers in order to give better service for the guests coming to Alanya.

(EN) Altid Haber Temmuz 2007

(Turkish) Aylık dergi