(EN) ALTİD’e Ödül

(Turkish) EMITT 2008'de Turizm Merkezleri Dalında En iyi stant dekoru ödülü ALANYA'nın.

Holiday Opportunity for 14 Couples

(Turkish) 14-17 Şubat tarihleri arasında İstanbul'da yapılacak EMITT Turizm Fuarında ALTİD 14 Şubat sevgililer günü nedeniyle 14 şanslı çifte tatil hediyesi...

(EN) Altid Haber Ocak 2008

(Turkish) Aylık dergi

Cartoon Contest 2008

8th of International Mediterrenean Cartoon Contest is implemented by Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation this year.The works sent to the contest will be evaulated by the...


We celebrate the new year of both our citizens and guests in Alanya and wish happiness,health and success to them.

(EN) Altid Haber Aralık 2007

(Turkish) Aylık dergi

The Number of Tourists reached to 7.5 Millions

It is announced that the numbe of tourists came to Antalya by airplane reached to 7.5 Millions.

(EN) Altid Haber Kasım 2007

(Turkish) Aylık dergi

Alanya Effect in WTM

The Wtm World Tourism Market Fair implemented between 12th and 15th of November ended lat week.

Alanya in DRV

The 57th of German Tour Operators and Travel Agencies General Assembly Meeting was done in Belek Xanadu Hotel.