Local Banana Promotion

Alanya Banana Producers Union and Alanya Municipality came together and put some banana sales points for promoting local banana all around the world.

4th of Alanya Stone Sculpture Semposium

The 4th of International Alanya Stone Sculpture Semposium is going to be between 1st of November and 30th of November

(EN) Altid Haber Ekim 2007

(Turkish) Aylık dergi

Gorgeus Concert in Red Tower

Lİthuanian singer Brigitta Bublyte who was in the Lİthuanin guests of the municipality gave a wonderful concert in Red tower

Alanya is in Baltic TV

Baltıc TV BTV which visited Alanya in previous days had broadcasted Alanya

(EN) Altid Haber Eylül 2007

(Turkish) Aylık dergi

Observing Alanya from Google Map

It will be much more easier to see Alanya with all the details of its streets after now.

Alanya Promotion in the Partner City Trakai

A delegation from Alanya participated to a seminar in trakai which is the partner city of Alanya Municipality.

The Number of Tourists exceed 6 Millions

the Number of Tourists who come to Antalya Airport reached to 6 Million 333 thousands 468

Promotion in Apple Festival of Gladbeck

Alanya is tried to be promoted in the Apple festival of our sistercity Gladbeck on the 19th of September.