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Dim River

Dim River is 15 km inside from the coast and on the banks of it are picnic areas. In Summer, the tables of open-air restaurants under the old plane trees are set in the river. The guests can sit with their feet in the water. What’s more, authentic tables with cushions are set on the wooden terraces on the slopes close to and by the river. In some restaurants, tables are on the rafts. The trout are kept in the pools in restaurant gardens. The area is proper for mountain biking and trekking.

Oba River

Oba River falls into the Mediterranean from the west of Dim River. There are picnic areas in Kadıpınarı where the rises. The shade of pine and plane trees is always cool. Kadıini Cave, known as the first settlement of Alanya in the prehistoric times, is here, too. It is inconvenient to enter the cave for safety reasons, as there are no arrangements yet. Trout fish are the most preferable dishes in the restaurants of Kadıpınarı.

Photo Gallery