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Romanians Prefer Antalya Again


Vice President of Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation (ALTAV), Mehmet Dahaoğlu, stated, ‘The number of people coming from Romania to Antalya will increase from 260,000 to 350,000.'”

At the International Tourism Fair TTR2023 held in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, Alanya’s promotional activities are in full swing. Mehmet Dahaoğlu, Vice President of Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation (ALTAV) and Alanya Touristic Hoteliers Association (ALTID), represents Alanya at the fair. Dahaoğlu, stating that Romania with a population of 19 million represents great potential for Turkey, mentioned a significant increase in the number of tourists coming to Alanya from this country when looking at reservation numbers. Dahaoğlu noted that agencies organized special discounted sales and campaigns for the fair, and shared the following information based on meetings with tour operators and agency representatives:



We are gauging the pulse of the international fair held in Romania. The first 2 days of the fair are for business people, and the last 2 days are open to the public. According to our conversation with Şaban Atalar, the General Manager of Christian Tour Turkey, sales went well in October, November, and December, but there was a slowdown from January, and this slowdown is attributed, albeit slightly, to the earthquake. They have plans for 32 flights per week in 2023. Atalar mentioned that, using their Animawings airline and purchasing seats from Corendon, they aim to carry 70,000 people to Antalya. The number of passengers they carried in 2022 was limited to 42,000.



Despite being in their initial years in the Romanian market, Odeon Tours has a successful track record. They have secured seats from Turkish Airlines (THY), Corendon, and Fly Lili. They have planned to transport 55,000 tourists to Antalya in 2023. They have flight plans to Antalya from 7 cities in Romania. Egemen Tunçel, the Turkey Product Procurement Director at Odeon Tours, mentioned that they not only organize package tours from Romania to Turkey but also to other countries from Romania.



The sales from Germany’s DER Tour to Turkey are continuing at full speed. Gözde Günal Temiz, the Turkey Contract Manager of DER Tour, stated that they brought 34,000 people to Antalya in 2022, and their goal for 2023 is 46,000. DER Tour operates flights from 12 cities in Romania, boasting the widest agency network in Romania with local agencies. They collaborate with HiSky airline. After the tourism fair held in Bucharest in November 2022, reservation numbers have been 60% higher compared to 2022. Approximately 35% of pre-reservation sales appear to be for Alanya.



Muharrem Mavisu, the General Manager of Fibula Travel in Romania, a prominent Turkish company in the Romanian market, mentioned that they carried 38,000 passengers to Antalya in 2022, and their goal for 2023 is 50,000 people. They will operate flights from 12 different cities in Romania. They are planning to establish their own airline in 2023. Another significant player in Turkey sales from Romania is Karpaten Turizm, which also attracts attention with successful advertising campaigns.



We provide support with promotional materials for Alanya to officials attending the fair to promote hotels in Alanya. Looking at general figures, last year 260,000 people came from Romania to Antalya. Considering the activity in pre-bookings, it is estimated that this number will reach 350,000 visitors. The high number of people coming from Romania to the Aegean region by road stands out. Moreover, Romania is ranked 7th among the countries sending the most tourists to Turkey.


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Romanians Prefer Antalya Again