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Syedra Ancient City of Alanya Featured on “Zaman Çizgisi”


A documentary crew from Habertürk, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, has conducted special filming at the Syedra Ancient City in Alanya as part of their “Zaman Çizgisi” (Timeline) project.

Located in the Uğrak neighborhood of Alanya, Syedra has been the subject of filming for the “Zaman Çizgisi” project, which aims to promote cultural tourism in Turkey. The project involves using specialized equipment and filming techniques to capture the essence of different historical sites across the country. Once completed, the footage will showcase Alanya’s significant role in cultural tourism.

The Syedra shoot was helmed by renowned director Hasan Tual, who has over 22 years of experience in directing series, films, and documentaries. Tual expressed his excitement about the project, stating that it offers a unique perspective on Alanya’s rich history.

“We are delighted to be a part of the ‘Zaman Çizgisi’ project initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Habertürk,” said Tual. “This project initially focuses on six to seven ancient cities, including Syedra. During our filming in Alanya, we collaborated with a guide and a historian to create a captivating narrative that combines historical facts with poetic storytelling.”

“Aiming to Spark Interest in Cultural Tourism”

Tual emphasized the project’s innovative approach to filming, highlighting Alanya’s potential as a cultural tourism destination.

“We strive to go beyond standard filming techniques, and Alanya has provided us with a wonderful opportunity to do so,” he explained. “In addition to Syedra, the Seljuk-era ruins and Alanya Castle are also significant to us. This documentary will demonstrate that Alanya is not just a beach holiday destination but also a treasure trove of cultural heritage. We are grateful to Professor Ertuğ Ergürer and his team, who lead the excavation efforts at Syedra, for their contributions in bringing the site to this stage.”

Tual also mentioned previous collaborations with the Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation (ALTAV), including a promotional film currently shown on Turkish Airlines flights. He expressed hopes that the “Zaman Çizgisi” documentary would also be featured on THY in the future.

“2023 A Turning Point for Syedra”

Associate Professor Ertuğ Ergürer, the Excavation Head of Syedra Ancient City, shared the following about the ongoing works:

“We started the excavations here in 2019. We have completed the 5th excavation season in 2023. 2023 has been a turning point for Syedra. With the great support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, we carried out intensive work with a large team of workers and technicians. Thanks to this work, all areas in the colonnaded street were cleared, and the colonnaded street was restored. The repair works of all structures in the bathhouse and other areas have been completed. It is planned to continue these works in other areas in 2024. Although we are entering the 6th year for Syedra Ancient City, we have obtained important data about the city in a short period of time. This is because the city has a structure that is conducive to obtaining data. Since the architecture here is better than in other areas, the repair works have been carried out more quickly and efficiently.”

“Bathhouse and its Surroundings to be Restored in the Coming Years”

Ergürer stated that the works in the bathhouse and its surroundings will be completed in the coming years.

“The bathhouse is of great importance as it is one of the most important and magnificent structures in the city,” Ergürer said. “It is also a well-known structure due to the Herakles Mosaic located in the city center. We plan to complete all the works in this area, create walkways, and open the Herakles Mosaic to visitors. New excavation areas will also be opened starting from the city center and expanding outwards. We are here with a professional filming crew with the permission and support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. This filming will further emphasize the importance of cultural tourism in Alanya and try to get more support for this issue. The different techniques used in the filming aim to show different aspects of Syedra Ancient City rather than its previously shown face. This way, a more diverse ancient city emerges. The works are carried out in a very technical and professional manner. We would like to thank the Ministry for their support in this regard.”

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Syedra Ancient City of Alanya Featured on “Zaman Çizgisi”