(EN) ALTİD’e Ödül

(Turkish) EMITT 2008'de Turizm Merkezleri Dalında En iyi stant dekoru ödülü ALANYA'nın.

(EN) Altid Haber Ocak 2008

(Turkish) Aylık dergi

Shipping and Marine Museum is in Alanya soon

National Property General Managership appropriated place to Alanya Municipality for the Shipping and Marine Museum in Dockyard

“Gergedan” is in Alanya Culture Center

Gergedan theatre play which was written by French author Eugene Ionesco and translated by Fikret Adil will be performed in Alanya Culture Center on the 21st of January.

Cartoon Contest 2008

8th of International Mediterrenean Cartoon Contest is implemented by Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation this year.The works sent to the contest will be evaulated by the...

(EN) Altid Haber Aralık 2007

(Turkish) Aylık dergi

Turkish World Music Group Concert is in Alanya

Turkish World Music Group which performes within the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Fine Arts general Managership is going to give a free concert on the 28th of...

“Kadın Oyunları” in Alanya

Kadın Oyunları which is one of the performances of Antalya State Theatre this season is on 24th of December....

Fraternal City Support to Alanya Promotion

The football team of Poland-wodzislaw in first league is coming to Alanya for the 5th time.

The Number of Tourists exceeded 7.5 Millions

The number of tourists comin to Alanya exceeded 7.5 Millions